I feel that this professional development lesson is fairly basic but can open doors for teachers to learn much more about technology. Creating the assignment was easy because I am already familiar with the 3 web 2.0 tools that I used as examples. I chose to create this lesson because my technology class has inspired me to spread the passion for technology in the classrooms. This lesson can serve as a kickoff to using and integrating much more complex tools in the future. As an educator I want to be open to constantly learning new things. Technology allows me to do this. I believe the key to success is knowing HOW to use technology within the classroom.

To create this lesson, I used the NTeQ model, which integrates computer technology in the classroom. I had previously never heard of this model, but felt that it was the best choice because this lesson centers around technology. One thing that appealed to me about this model was that there was a lesson plan generator, which can be found on the main website. This allowed me to input my information without worrying about how the layout should be. However, I felt that some of the information prompts were a little repetitive, so my final lesson wasn't as concise as I would prefer.

In the future, I would like to find some lesser known web 2.0 tools to introduce during a professional development meeting. Many teachers may have already heard of or used the examples that I have given for this lesson, but they are a good baseline to begin with.