Data Manipulation

The learner used computers at intermediate level.

Integration Strategies:
Think about ways in which technology can be used.

Organization Strategies:
Think about ways that technology can be used in the classroom.

Elaboration Strategies:
Think about ways that technology can enhance student learning.


Activities Before Using the Computer:
Before individual computer work begins, learners will participate in a presentation, in which I will present information and web 2.0 that will be explored.

  • Strategies to develop students' attitudes towards the problem, motivation, and overall mindfulness:
  • Learners will think about ways in which the tools, that were provided during the presentation, might play a role in their personal classroom community.

Activities While Using the Computer
Learners will work at the computer individually.

Activities After Using the Computer:
After computer work is complete, learners will discuss their questions and opinions will peers.
Supporting Activities
Learners can brainstorm ways in which web 2.0 tools might be helpful in classroom learning.