Lesson Summary
The purpose of professional development lesson is to introduce several web 2.0 tools and discuss ways in which these tools can be incorporated into the classroom.

Learning Objectives and Computer Functions
This lesson plan uses 4 objectives.
Objective 1: Learners will be able to identify and describe three web 2.0 tools.

Uses The Internet to visit

Uses The Internet to visit

Uses The Internet to visit
Objective 2: Learners will be able to successfully use one web 2.0 tool.

Uses The Internet to create an account for one of the Web 2.0 tools

Uses The Internet to use one tool to show educational purpose.
Objective 3: Learners will be able to explain and demonstrate ways in which the web 2.0 tools can be used in the classroom.

Uses The Internet to demonstrate how they have used the tool.

Uses Other to describe the educational purpose of the tool.
Objective 4: Learners will explain how web 2.0 tools can strengthen student learning.

Uses Other to explain the benefits of using the tool

There are many web 2.0 tools that can be used for educational purposes, but here are 3 tools that can easily be used in a variety of ways.